My Savannah Cats is a small family owned cattery, which seeks to produce high quality, friendly, healthy, beautiful Savannah’s. We are located just twenty minutes north of downtown San Diego. Our love for these exotic cats started a little over four years ago when I was out for a walk on the beach in Del Mar. My husband and I spotted the strangest thing - a woman walking a giant cat on a leash! After talking to her for a few minutes we learned these gorgeous animals were called Savannahs - a hybrid cross between a wild African Serval and a domestic house cat. I knew right then I wanted to be involved with these animals. After much research, excitement, and patience, we brought home our own Savannah kitten, Chai, in hopes to breed her one day and start our own Savannah Cattery. This was about two years ago and we have now just begun breeding Chai. Currently she is spending time with Armani, an F5C Savannah male. We are crossing our fingers that soon we will have a litter of little Savannah kitties up for adoption. Please check back often to see if there are kittens available!